5 Methods to Ace Pure Chemistry Beyond Tuition Classes

Many concerned parents seek assistance for their children who did not perform well in their mid-year exams from Pure Chemistry tuition centres. My mother was one of them. After all, every student only has four months till the national examination, GCE O Level, or IP examination. We have more alternatives for schools and courses to further our education when we perform well in the O-Level or IP exams.

The following are five efficient methods to prepare for Pure Chemistry as taught by my H2 Chemistry tutor.

#1 Lay a Sturdy Foundation for Fundamental Concepts

Students must first lay a solid foundation when preparing for the O Level Pure Chemistry or IP Chemistry test. My H2 Chemistry tutor encouraged me to revisit and comprehend the underlying core concepts or formulas for specific topics before advancing. Chemistry is a considerably more abstract discipline than Physics and Biology. Almost every topic links to another, particularly those learned earlier in Secondary 3.

#2 Recognise Keyword Usage in Structured Questions

Many Chemistry students fail to respond to structured questions with the correct, specified, and comprehensive collection of keywords. It is often due to our tendency for rote memorisation without understanding the structural features. Examiners will grade our papers based on the proper keywords or key phrases written. Mastering Chemistry beyond taking Pure Chemistry tuition classes requires a solid foundation of fundamental ideas, keyword usage and application abilities.

#3 Practise with a Series of Year-10 Questions

My H2 Chemistry tutor encouraged me to read the Ten-Years Series (TYS) topical books, preferably one that provides comprehensive solutions. We should begin working on the O Level tasks to evaluate our understanding of each topic. It enabled my tutor to attain a realistic assessment of my comprehension of fundamental concepts, application skills and confidence.

#4 Continue to Clarify Topics

Most students like me have accumulated many doubts over the years that these issues, if left unanswered, may impair our ability to do well in the O Level or IP examinations. Laying a solid foundation of my Chemistry knowledge includes grasping the fundamental ideas for each topic and evaluating my understanding. If your child is worried, have them question someone up to speed on Chemistry ideas or their H2 Chemistry tutor.

#5 Formulate Exam Strategies

My H2 Chemistry tutor made me view the examinations like a game. I began to see myself competing to win within a set time range. We must be prepared and understand the rules to win–i.e., get high grades. Once we learn all the fundamental ideas for each course, the next step is to learn how to manage our time throughout the test. In our weekly classes, my tutor put me through timed trial activities to grasp and appreciate the necessity of time management during exams.

I owe all the improvement in my grades to The Chemistry Practice, a well-known tutoring centre for O to A-Level Chemistry. Mr Kelvin, their principal tutor, is in charge of the curriculum for both online and in-person Chemistry classes. They take pleasure in offering students offline and online access to their A-Level Chemistry instruction for improved learning. Visit The Chemistry Practice’s website to learn more about the institution and its services, including Sec 4 Chemistry tuition classes.

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