Peak Romance: How Balloon Flowers Cheered Me Up On My Birthday

Birthday celebrations may be unnecessary to some people, but they are to me. It doesn’t even have to be an extravagant party! As long as I get to hang out with my family or friends, I’m already content with it. The times when we could only afford to eat dinner together or play at the arcade are stored in the deepest parts of my brain as good memories. After all, the most crucial part of a celebration is coming together with the people you care about most, right? All I wanted was for the day to feel special not only to me but to other people as well. Although most of my birthdays made me feel that way, there was one time a balloon flower bouquet was the only thing that made me smile on my supposedly special day.

The First Bad News

In the early morning of my 19th birthday, I heard the first news that shattered my excitement for the day ahead. I skipped down the staircase and kissed the cheeks of my parents, who were happily eating their breakfast. I pulled out one of the chairs and grabbed my plate of scrambled eggs before asking what our plans were for the day. When they looked at each other with frowning faces, I suddenly felt a bad tug in my stomach. ‘I don’t think we can eat outside for your birthday today,’ my father told me. My mother explained that my brother had an exam the next day for a subject he wasn’t good at, so he needed the whole day to study it. I was about to mention dinner as a sign of hope, but my father added that he had a work meeting at night. To top it all off, they gave me money to buy myself a gift rather than giving me a surprise birthday flower bouquet like last time.

The Second Bad News

I understand why we couldn’t celebrate together, but it still didn’t stop me from feeling down. The lack of a gift was most likely due to the same lack of time to get something for me, so I didn’t think of it as them not caring about me. I swallowed down all the sadness that started to rise in my throat and told my parents not to apologise. Instead of letting my feelings get the best of me, I messaged my friends to ask them where we’ll be heading later. They were the last sliver of hope I was holding onto, and I desperately hoped they would pull through. Unfortunately, however, all of them had something important to do. As much as I wanted them to celebrate with me, I knew I couldn’t force them to. After I reassured them, I searched for an online store that did birthday flower delivery in Singapore, so I didn’t have to wallow.

The Good News

Before the weight on my heart could get any heavier, my parents suddenly called me to go downstairs. As soon as I arrived at the foot of the stairs, I found the boy I had recently befriended in my club standing by the door with balloon flowers. He told me it was a gift since he remembered me telling him once that it was my birthday soon. I can’t begin to explain the emotions I felt at that moment. All I know is that it was the most romantic gift I have ever received.

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