3 Easy Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Air Filter

Every homeowner has the goal in mind to create the most comfortable and healthiest living space. However, this can be easily compromised when your utility bills get racked. One easy way to improve your home efficiently and healthily is by using an air filter.

If you’re worried about your budget, not every air filter in Singapore needs to be expensive or built with the newest technology in mind. Every home deserves quality air, and giving attention to your air filter can make a huge night and day difference!

Here are a few things you should get the most out of your household air filter:

Change the filter now and then.

Changing your air filter or switching to an HVAC air filter is integral. Your air filter has its lifespan – which means it can no longer serve its purpose for filtering air like it used to be. Whether you’re looking for a cheap HVAC air filter or the best air purifier in Singapore, you should consider replacing filters on a periodic basis. To avoid forgetting this, write or mark an approximate date on the calendar or set a reminder on your phone.

Keep the doors and windows closed when the purifier is on.

No matter how sophisticated the design of every purifier or air ionizer in Singapore is, these machines work less when windows and doors are left open all the time. Why? All that clean air won’t stay inside your home if the doors and windows are left open. These machines are intended to work best in confined spaces to maintain clean air circulation. However, do open doors and windows occasionally.

Use your filter in your bedroom.

We spend 1/3 of our life inside our bedroom. You can maximise the benefit of an air purifier if you leave it in your bedroom area for the entirety of the time. If you want something budget-friendly, you can always look for a quality portable air purifier in Singapore that matches your needs. Regardless, whether it’s a portable or mini air filter, they work wonders if kept in a single area.

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