4 Signs That Your Pressure Tank Needs A Repair Or Replacement

If you live in an elevated area or your office is on the topmost floor of a multi-storey building, you definitely need pressure tanks to supply your tap, shower, and toilet flush with water. Unfortunately, pressure tanks don’t last long. Some can last 15 years, while others a bit sooner. But how will you know if your pressure tank needs a repair and replacement?

Here are the telltale signs that your water and air pressure tank needs repair and replacement:

1. On and Off water pump.

The primary task of your pressure tank is to act as a water reservoir and maintain water pressure. Meanwhile, the function of your water pump is to pump water from the underground to the reservoir or your tank. Your pressure tank and water pump work together.

The water pump automatically stops pumping water once the water reservoir is filled. But what does it mean when the water pump turns on and off frequently? It can mean that your pressure tank leaks, releasing all the stored water.

2. Low water pressure.

Perhaps, the most noticeable sign is that your pressure tanks need repair when your water flow is weak. Does the water from your faucet or shower trickle down instead of splashing?

Faulty valve, pipe, and precision dispensing nozzle may be the culprit. Pressure tank leaks can also be the cause of unstable water pressure.

3. Jumpy pressure gauge needle.

The pressure gauge measures the pressure inside your tank. Ideally, the gauge needle should be stable, but if it happens to swing back and forth wildly, there is something wrong with your pressure tank.

4. Sediments in the water.

If there is sand in your water, it is highly likely that your bladder tank has ruptured. There should not be any sediments in your water. Check your air pressure tank and bladder tank immediately.

Don’t ignore these signs. Check your pressure tanks if they manifest these signs.

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