4 Tips to Lessen Funeral Cost in Singapore

It is not necessary for your funeral cost in Singapore to be high. Nothing is demeaning or negative about desiring to lower expenses, as long as you bury the deceased with respect. If you’re looking for tips on how to reduce your overall payment, here are four things you can do to help you. Read the article to know more.

Consider Your Options

There is no need to rush into burying your loved ones immediately if it comes at a significant cost. In Singapore, check numerous funeral services and see which ones offer the best deals for you. Keep in mind that best does not necessarily mean cheap. There are other factors to consider when determining the funeral service fit for your budget.

Purchase Your Casket/Urn Somewhere Else

Another option you can follow is purchasing your casket or urn elsewhere to lessen your funeral cost. This tip is essential, especially when the price your funeral service offers is beyond your budget limitations. Like the previous point, check several caskets and urn providers before spending anything.

Consider Home Funeral

In addition to getting your casket or urn somewhere else, opt for a home funeral to reduce funeral costs. However, consider hiring a funeral director in Singapore if you think about doing a memorial service. These experts can help you prepare and organise the necessities, reducing the stress of doing everything yourself.

Donate the Body to a Medical School

An alternative to a funeral service is donating the body of your loved ones to a medical school. You need not worry about getting it back as these establishments cremate the body and return it to you after a year or two. Additionally, some of these schools will coordinate with a memorial service for the family, which can help reduce your total funeral cost.

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