Caring For My Teeth Through Braces: Avoid The 4 Mistakes I Did

Caring for your teeth with braces in Singapore is a challenging treatment plan for many reasons. First, it takes time and effort to achieve a perfect smile. Patients need to undergo regular adjustment sessions of the orthodontic device and, sometimes, have tooth extraction surgeries to improve the alignment.

As someone who wore these orthodontic devices, the journey was not smooth because of the mistakes I made. Explore more of them in this article, and avoid them at all costs to help you accomplish your dental treatment plan.


I did not know the importance of attending adjustment sessions for many reasons. First, I did not realise that the treatment plan is a timeline that involves accomplishing deadlines and reaching goals. For example, wearing braces in Singapore might require you to visit the dentist every three months or whenever you need to change wires. Second, skipping consultations and meetings with the dentist can derail progress, which is what happened to me when I did this twice. Lastly, if you cannot commit to the scheduled appointment, you can always talk to your dentist early to help them craft an appropriate time.


If the dentist requires you to wear bands 24/7, follow that instruction at all costs. On the other hand, if they tell you to use a particular toothbrush or floss after every meal, by all means, do so. I did not value those things that much when I was wearing my orthodontic device, and that made me realise how braces in Singapore costthousands, so that made me a bit more responsible for my actions and followed all the instructions from the dentist. Here’s a tip: If something seems painful or you do not like a specific instruction from them, try to communicate with your dentist on how to manage the situation.


Luckily, I have not experienced breaking a bracket or damaging my wire due to irresponsible eating. However, always be mindful of what you eat because some foods can damage the orthodontic device. First, avoid hard and crunchy foods that might break the wire when you bite at an irregular angle, however, you can still eat them with care. Second, chewy candies are worth skipping because of their texture. That’s what my braces specialist in Singapore told me and you can ask your doctor about these things.


Following the instructions and complying with them goes a long way, but nothing is better than taking note of the timeline of the treatment plan. Why? You and the dentist are on the same page and know what to do and the things to consider. Do this by asking them how many more adjustments until the end of the race or the amount of time you have left before bidding farewell to your orthodontic device.

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