Corporate Identity: 6 Visual Elements To Boost Your Company’s Branding

Corporate identity is one of the core elements of an entire organisation. Your corporate identity should speak for your company when people see your corporate video production, photos, or website in Singapore. It is how people perceive your branding and company through your visual elements. Corporate identity is the visual representation of your company⸺from the corporate photo shoot, videos, logo, imagery, colour palette, etc.

Here are some elements you need to work on to make your corporate identity stand out.


When making a corporate photo or video shoot, your logo MUST act as a standout visual signifier, meaning the mass should immediately identify your company through your logo. Two of the best examples of these are Twitter’s blue bird logo and Apple’s bitten apple logo.


The typography can provide a warm and friendly, professional and bold, or elegant and luxurious feeling. So, before releasing your corporate video production in Singapore, choose the most suitable font based on the character of your company.


The colour palette tells a lot about the character and branding of your company. Ensure that your corporate photo shoot, video, and website display colours, which incorporate your company.


When making corporate visual elements, ensure that they can convey a message. The perks of a videographer in Singapore are that they can express and power emotions through lighting, colour climate, contrast, and composition.


The design grid is essential in your corporate photo shoot, videos, and website. The arrangement and stage content can help grab the attention of the audience.


Icons and logos are the first things a customer can visually process. They make your company and brand easily understandable and comprehensible.

Given the numerous competitors around the globe, it is crucial to exhibit these elements in your photo sets or your video production in Singapore. The external appearance plays a huge factor in shaping how the customers, suppliers, and potential employees perceive your company.

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