DIY Projects Are Now Easier With An Oil Free Air Compressor 

‘We need to get a screw air compressor in Singapore for our DIY projects,’’ said my husband while he was busy painting one of the rooms at our home. Numerous thoughts crossed my head on my way back to acquire another bucket of paint. What is a screw air compressor? Why do we need it for our DIY projects? I have more questions, but I cannot figure out why my husband urged me to get a screw air compressor.

As soon as I brought him the fresh bucket of paint, my husband sat down and said, ‘Honey, take a look at this!’. I thought that was the first time I had seen a screw air compressor, yet it was vaguely familiar. I did not tell my husband because I was expecting that he would explain what it was and how it could help us with our DIY projects.

After showing me several pictures of a screw air compressor made in Singapore, he started talking about what happened the other day at work. Since the tyres of huge trucks are much bigger than personal vehicles, inflating flat tyres is a lot more challenging. A veteran mechanic advised the new mechanic to use a screw air compressor to ease the process.

To feed his curiosity, he asked the veteran mechanic what machine the new mechanic was using. My husband also learned that a screw air compressor works well with various air tools, from grinding, sanding, and painting.

Why I Have Not Known An Air Compressor Before

While I was listening to my husband’s story, I recalled my childhood days. Ever since my father passed away, my mum and I always relied on professionals instead of fixing the problem on our own.

Relying on professionals was an excellent choice for a widowed wife with a daughter. My mum was so devastated and busy with work that she could afford to conduct DIY projects herself. And every time she did, my mum always ended up crying.

A year after my father died, my mum donated every tool, including a screw air compressor and refrigerated air dryer. Seeing these things made her miss my father more.

Now that I have remembered my past, I decided to do it the other way around. I will embrace what my father loved to do when he was alive.

Preparing To Purchase An Air Compressor

The next day, my husband and I started to search for an air compressor. To my surprise, there were a lot of types, but what captivated me the most was the oil free air compressor in Singapore.

According to our research, this type of air compressor produced less noise, heat, and friction. Having it at home was an excellent idea because our neighbours barely knew that we were conducting DIY projects every weekend.

The oil free air compressor we purchased comes with an air dryer in Singapore. The supplier said that it was necessary to prevent condensation and rusting problems.

If you are interested in conducting DIY projects, you better get yourself an oil free or screw air compressor! Contact GWT Enterprise by leaving a message on their website if you need to get one right now.

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