How I Stay On Top Of Fashion Trends In Singapore

My friends always compliment me on how I dress and present myself. My family also knows me as one of the most fashionable people in our neighbourhood, if not the entire city-state. Moreover, my colleagues dub me the ‘fashion expert’ at our Singapore company.

While I am proud of myself for becoming a rising fashion icon because of my ability to mix and match different clothing pieces to create out-of-this-world looks, I would be lying if I said I owe it all to myself. I became who I am since I always try to keep up with fashion trends in and out of Singapore—which would have been impossible if not for a specific platform I discovered.

Why I Always Stay Updated With Fashion Trends

I always want to stay on top of fashion trends in Singapore since I enjoy dressing up. Putting on clothes and styling myself makes me feel confident about my looks and creative abilities. Moreover, combining various clothing pieces is like finishing a puzzle for me—it makes me feel proud and satisfied after seeing that I have created a cohesive outfit that turns heads whenever I walk down the street.

I also developed a good fashion sense because I grew up watching fashion shows and reading fashion magazines with my mum. She used to buy monthly copies of ELLE magazine to check out the latest trends in outfits, jewellery, makeup, and even nail colour. I saw what she did to stay fashionable, and I did the same to become who I am today.

How I Always Stay Updated With Fashion Trends

Many people want to know how I always know the Parisian, Japanese, or Korean fashion trends in Singapore—and now, I am finally unveiling my secret. Aside from having the talent to know which top works with a specific pair of shoes, jewellery, or bottoms, I gain knowledge about which styles are popular because of ELLE Singapore.

I saw my mum reading ELLE Singapore growing up—and now, I do the same to stay updated with the latest fashion trends. The magazine does monthly features about hip pieces, contemporary styles, and up-and-coming fashion designers in Singapore, allowing me to know which clothes to wear when heading out. It also prints and posts articles about makeup trends, helping me learn about the type of eye, brow, or lip look I should create to look stylish. Additionally, they share content about skin care products and routines that taught me about the products I should use to maintain acne-free and radiant skin.

While using a magazine to stay on top of fashion trends may seem old-fashioned, doing so allows me to appreciate the art of producing traditional print media. Moreover, reading a physical magazine has a different effect on me. It lets me remember images and articles more vividly while helping me relax and unwind. It also takes me back to my childhood while strengthening my bond with my mum since we always read our monthly copy of ELLE Singapore together.

If you want to stay updated with the newest fashion trends in Singapore, I highly recommend you get ELLE Singapore magazines for only S$36 for a 12-issue print subscription. If you are not keen on getting print copies of their content, you can always learn about the latest fashion news through their website.

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