5 Straight from the Heart Gifting Ideas along with your Online Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan, a Hindu occasion, delicately celebrates sibling bonds. Also called “Bandhan Pyaar/ Sneh Ka,” which conveys affection, but only the one that exists between siblings who are either brothers or sisters. The bond between siblings is unprecedented because it involves a tremendous expression of love and concern, as well as unending conflicts and fights. So, celebrate this rakhi with Unreal Gifts’ vast array of exquisite and stunning online rakhis that are available on the website. You can express an unusual level of love for Rakhi by sending an original rakhi gift to your siblings.


Today, sending an online rakhi and other surprises to your loved ones (brother or sister) anywhere in the world is possible. Even though there are perennial favourites like the silver rakhi, kids rakhi, and other designer rakhis, it’s time to give the occasion even more significance with online rakhi gifts.

Here are some examples of delightful rakhi gifts and hampers worldwide–

Customized T-shirt- Nowadays, a personalized t-shirt is a superior alternative as this will enhance the rakhi occasion. T-shirts can be customized with your favourite image, a catchy phrase, numerous logos, or the increasingly popular symmetrical or asymmetrical artwork. This will lighten and brighten this beautiful event and the heart of your sibling.

Day-to-day Rakhi Hampers- Utilize the resources around you to enhance the occasion using your unique messages and designs. Maybe, sending cards with heartfelt messages makes you feel wonderful, but this is out of fashion now. This concept has been altered with customized designs and messages on day-to-today things. Things like cups, bed sheets, posters, wall paintings, pillow covers, etc., can all be customised and put together as a hamper. Nowadays, online rakhi gift sets are already available across the internet, making the task easier for you.

Customized Stationery- Even though young folks don’t want to spend their money on cute stationery, their liking for a combination of customised art and stationery supplies is never-ending. Personalized stationery is suitable for many people, including office professionals, doctors, homemakers, and students of course. You can also go overboard and modify the study table, notebooks, pens, etc., to suit your sibling’s wish and can add images of their dreams to make them more focused.

Sweets and Dry Fruits Hamper- You can make your brother/sister feel special by giving them a single gift that is unique such as a cake with their photos, a dry fruit gift basket, customized chocolate hampers, etc. The age-old custom of giving dry fruit gift baskets to siblings on Rakhi is prevalent today as well. Just be certain that it will be appropriate for your sibling or not, seeking their eating habits and location. Nevertheless, a gourmet rakhi gift hamper is quite traditional and authentic yet tempting and appealing.

Smart Gifts- Gen-Z is responsible for changing technology at the drop of a hat in the recent era. If this applies to your sibling, consider giving an item that is popular right now or the one they were yearning for a long time. It would be a wonderful present that they will appreciate and meet their genuine need. Smart gifts, such as smartwatches, smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, tablets, smart shoes, medical planners, etc., can be quite thoughtful yet appealing gifts for your sibling.

Other than these options, you can also offer enthusiastic packages like a tour, spa, or workshop that gives growth. We are confident that it would enable them to take a break from the hectic routine and will give them a relaxing time. And to ensure smooth online rakhi delivery while sending a rakhi gift set to your brother/sister, choose UnrealGifts. They make it possible for your package to arrive sooner and on time to make the most of this festival.

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