Is it your first bike trip? Trust the expert and listen to us

Traveling is good and necessary. Leaving the daily routine and having the possibility of getting to know new places, people, customs and values ​​is always welcome. If we travel by motorcycle, we can get to know new roads and landscapes even better, making each moment unforgettable. 

Before you rent bike in Hyderabad, we would like to give you some crucial details. The sole purpose of this article is to cover 200, 300, 400 and even 800 km of travel distance, with overnight stays, supplies and places that are often unknown, in short and medium distance trips, with safety, strategy and planning.

What makes the trip cool to you?

Before confirming the departure, we must evaluate the aspects of personal interests of the trip, financial investments, and availability of time, weather conditions, and state of conservation of the roads, eventual needs of preventive and corrective maintenance for the motorcycle. So that we can have greater control, success and safety, check the current conditions of the motorcycle, clothes, accessories that will be transported, supply points, food places, accommodation conditions, and main tourist points of the trip.

There are rules: Follow them

Assess your physical and emotional state, make a travel program, assess whether you need any specific knowledge of piloting techniques, repairs and first aid. Find out if other participants in the travel group have the same strategies, interests and proposed conditions. Adapt everyone’s rules, conduct, planning and responsibilities. This done may seem very rigid, but it is important so that the entire trip is safe from the start. Always be attentive, look at the horizon, feel new aromas, be careful with the seduction of curves, accelerate on the climbs and caution on the descents. Overcome barriers. 

It is your time, so enjoy it

Plan stops every 180 and 230 km of each stretch, stop in safe places, fuel the bike, eat healthy, hydrate, do some stretching, review the next route, do a brief inspection of the motorcycle, see if everything is in order and try to have stops without wasting time. Never stop on the side of the road and obey the traffic regulations. Look for new friends. Forget the problems. Even in possible moments of discomfort during a motorcycle trip, be ready for your new challenges and limits.

Evaluate personal documentation, motorcycle documents, availability to use bankcards in other locations, motorcycle insurance, personal insurance, emergency telephones, possible alternative plan of routes and stops. Prepare safety clothes. The distraction by the emotion of a new departure can sometimes disturb the attention. Do not be in a hurry to arrive, but avoid driving at night, especially on unfamiliar roads. Users who rent a bike must be responsible and comply with a series of basic obligations. 

Remember that your motorcycle is not a car, so each object to be taken has to be seriously thought about whether it will be necessary or not. Over time, experience will tell you this, but try to be sensible and try to explain to the rump to act in the same way. If the trip is longer, try to pack things in advance, day by day.

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