Nose Augmentation Surgery Has Become Easy With Advanced Medical Techniques

The nose is the distinctive feature of our face, so the proper shape of it will make the look of our face more appealing. Few of us are lucky enough to get a right shaped nose, but most of us are not happy with the structure of the nose. So there is a procedure which will help them to give the proper shape of the nose.

What Is The Process?

It has been observed that few of us nose is not of proper shape; they are a bit blunt or small in size. So, to make it attractive, a process named Nasal augmentation will help the individual by performing Rhinoplasty. In this treatment, the cartilage or muscle from the back side of the ear is placed on the tip or around it to make it look bigger than its actual size.

This treatment is better than the one where silicon is used. Silicon doesn’t get stuck in the nose, and it leads to many consequences. Nasal augmentation using bone graft behind the ear (เสริม จมูก ใช้ กระดูก หลัง หู, which is the term in Thai) is the most advanced technology for nasal surgery.

What Is The Work Of Tissues?

There are various tissues like Artificial, Coccyx and tissue behind the ears, which has its different properties. Coccyx tissue is mainly used for nose augmentation, and it helps raise the height of the nose tip and adds clarity to the nose. Talking about artificial tissue, this can also increase the tip of the nose, but sometimes it causes allergies. Lastly, the tissue behind the ear acts as a support system as the tissue of the ear is very strong, which will help to keep the structure of the nose intact.

Things To Remember

After examining the ear cartilage, if the doctor sees that the cartilage is thick enough, then for Nasal augmentation using bone graft behind the ear can’t be used as the doctor needs perfect thickness to use it for surgery. Now, if the cartilage is not curvy enough, then it will not be used for nasal augmentation purposes as the nose will look saggy, so perfect tissue selection is needed.


So before the surgery, if you have undergone any ear surgery, the doctor needs to be informed about that. The doctor will check the condition of the ear to see whether it’s possible to take cartilage from there. Also, you need to mention if you are allergic to any medicine. After the surgery, try to maintain a few things as mentioned by your surgeon, and if disruption continues, consult your physician immediately.

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