5 Helpful Questions To Ask Your Potential Oncology Doctor

Whether cervical or other types of cancer, it requires treatment in Singapore. Undergoing procedures should help slow down the progression of cancer development and hopefully eliminate the cancer cells as much as possible.

Before getting treated by any oncology doctor, you should choose the right one. Besides reading customer reviews, you should not forget to ask questions. It will help you learn more about your preferred oncology doctor beyond what is shown on the website and what you have researched so far.

1. What Are This Treatment’s Risks And Advantages?

Everything comes with a price, so asking about the risk and benefits of the cancer treatment you will get can help ease your mind since you have ideas of what awaits you.

2. What Is The Average Radiotherapy Cost In Singapore?

Everyone gets sick, but some people can barely afford their treatment and medication. Knowing the estimated radiotherapy cost in Singapore will enable you to prepare for the overall cost earlier before the actual procedure begins.

In Singapore, some health insurance covers cancer treatment and medication. To know if yours covered anything, consider asking them before seeing an oncology doctor and getting treated.

3. Will I Also Need To Take Other Medicines Besides Getting Cancer Treatment?

Cancer medication, in addition to radiotherapy, is required to eliminate cancer cells. The number of cancer medications you will take is dependent on the type of cancer and cancer stage.

4. How Many Years Of Experience Do You Have Treating This Type Of Cancer?

No matter how skilled an oncology doctor is, they have something they are good at that outperforms their other skills. Since cancer treatment is a serious matter, asking this question will allow you to know if your preferred oncology doctor can help you with your concern.

5. How To Manage The Potential Side Effects?

Managing potential side effects is different for everyone, but having ideas can give you the strength to face whatever side effects you may experience later on. Consider listing them down and let your loved ones know.

Make a copy of these questions to avoid being mentally blocked about what to ask when you meet with your preferred oncology doctor.

Feel free to contact Dr Johann Tang at +65 6690 6811 or leave a message on their website to get your questions answered. Besides breast, they are a cancer doctor in Singapore that specialises in various areas that suffer from cancer cells. 

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