Safely Manage E Recycling in Singapore in 7 Ways

In 2019, worldwide e-waste reached a staggering 59 million tonnes. Only 17.4 percent of that total was collected and recycled. The following are seven resources to manage electronic waste recycling in Singapore.

#1 Use a Cloud Software

Using “the cloud” entails storing and managing data on a network of servers accessible via the internet. It reduces the demand for hard drives and assists organisations in reducing e-waste.

#2 Use Outside Electronic Recycling Service

If your company creates a lot of e-waste, a third-party transporter can probably recycle it for you. Many third-party e recycling companies in Singapore may assist organisations in disposing of electronic trash in the most ecologically responsible manner.

#3 Integrate Into Your Company Culture

Engagement and instructional materials can increase staff buy-in and fully participate in e waste recycling in your Singapore firm. Engage staff with shocking data or gamify the collection to illustrate the annual environmental effect of your firm.

#4 Demolish Data Devices

Many avoid e-waste recycling due to the fear of disclosing critical data. Fortunately, there are techniques to safeguard your data before properly disposing of electronic debris. Most e recycling specialists in Singapore will help erase your data before discarding your gadgets.

#5 Upgrade By Trading

Upgrades are vital for keeping your company ahead of the competition. Various manufacturers may have an e waste recycling programme around Singapore in rebates, buy-backs, or zero-cost pickups.

#6 Make Charity Donations

Giving gently worn but no longer needed electronics a second life is simple. Several donation sites may put your electronics to good use. For example, Dell and Goodwill have collaborated since 2004 to gather almost 500 million pounds of devices.

#7 Learn About Local Drop-off Points

Singapore has a comprehensive electronic waste management programme. The government designated drop-off points, such as town centres, retail malls, and supermarkets.

Metalo International has been in the electronic waste industry for more than ten years. The company’s goal is to conserve natural resources while reducing pollution. Metalo International wishes to promote ethical e waste recycling in Singapore and a circular economy.

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