3 Initial Steps For CCTV Installation

Also known as video systems, CCTV surveillance technology in Singapore can be integrated into commercial settings, schools, small businesses, and law enforcement agencies to aid in crime prevention.

If you’re considering installing CCTV, you’ll also want to consider data protection. People care about how you handle their data, which includes CCTV video footage.

You can use a CCTV camera from Singapore in compliance with applicable data protection laws by following these simple steps. You’ll also show customers, employees, members, and visitors how seriously you take data protection.

Consider how you will protect people’s privacy and rights.

Individuals have a right to privacy, and if you’re considering installing cameras from a CCTV surveillance company, you must consider the potential impact on them. While it is not uncommon to see security cameras installed in the entrances of banks and nightclubs, people do not expect to be filmed constantly.

In general, CCTV should not be used in areas that are considered private – such as restrooms and changing rooms. In most cases, using CCTV here would be unjust, disproportionate, or non-compliant.

Pay close attention to how your CCTV system is installed.

Before using your CCTV, you must check the camera’s angle, post warning signs, and register with the ICO.

When installing your CCTV system in Singapore, make sure it captures what you only need. A slight change in camera angle can dramatically alter the shot. You must also ensure that the footage is clear and detailed, or otherwise, it will be useless.

Consider whether you require audio.

While many CCTV cameras in Singapore are capable of recording sound, this does not mean you should. Consider whether it is necessary for the situation in which you intend to use it.

Transparency, fairness, and proportionality are three critical concepts in data protection law. Due to the intrusive nature of recording conversations, audio recording is difficult to justify in the majority of everyday situations. In most cases, you will not be required to listen to anyone, and it is highly unlikely that you will find a legal basis for doing so.

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