How A Prefabricated Data Centre Helped My Business

Running a business was never easy, so I always did my best to continue my grandfather’s legacy. It was challenging, considering becoming a business owner was not part of my plan in life, but I could not go against the will my grandfather left when he passed away.

During the first few months, I undergo training from one department to another while managing crucial matters. I am thankful I have my siblings with me—they were helping me with everything. They know that becoming a journalist was my dream, which is now far from my reach. For the past five years, running my inherited business and engaging with a supplier of our prefabricated data centre is all I know.

Realisation After I Took Over

When I took over my grandfather’s business, I realised our operation was old-school. We may be using computers, but we lack data storage. Half of the office has several massive hard drives (probably the ones from the 1980s or 1990s).

When I first saw these, I felt like I was in a documentary or had travelled back in time. What surprised me the most was how small the storage capacity was, so no wonder we were behind our competitors.

Before meeting with board members, I interviewed some employees from different departments about our operations and suggestions on how we could improve. That is where my journalistic training during college comes in handy. I noted down all the answers I got from the people I interviewed and created a PowerPoint presentation (PPT) to present in front of the board members to seek approval for getting a data centre consultancy.

Meeting The Board Members

My first meeting with the members of the board was overwhelming. Many of them thought I was unqualified for the position, which I understand. After all, they were the ones who worked hard for the company alongside my grandfather, and I only came into the picture after he died.

Fortunately, there were fewer scrutinising eyes during my meeting with the board members about getting a data centre or hiring a builder that could build one for our business’s needs.

Even though many applaud my presentation and agree with my plan, other board members oppose it. Most of them were in their 60s, and they still wanted to do the old ways no matter how modern the times have become.

Of course, I did not let them. The more our business grows and many customers we serve, the more we need a data centre. We cannot afford to rely on indoor hard drives anymore and must adapt with time.

Problem Solved

We sought a data centre construction company that could build a custom data centre for our business’s needs, and everything has gone smoothly since then. Our operation was made simple so that we could quickly meet the increasing demands of our clients.

What I love about having a prefabricated data centre is that it is scalable and adaptable. No matter how much my business grows in years to come, its storage capacity can still cater for everything.

My only advice to those businesses that also want a prefabricated data centre is to be smart and choose the right data centre construction company. I contacted Acme Associates after discussing it several times with board members.

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