4 Phone Accessories That Improved my Road Trip

When my friends and I first agreed to go on a month-long road trip together, I knew that we would be sacrificing a lot of the everyday comfort we’re used to at home. After all, we’d spend half of our days in a car, which means we’ll have limited access to bathrooms, comfortable beds, and outlets. During this time, I was sure we’d all rely on our phones for many things, such as GPS navigation and entertainment. I bought a portable phone charger from Singapore and threw in a few more accessories that would be great conveniences for us for the trip. Here are the best phone accessories to get for travelling.

1. Travel & Wireless Chargers

The first thing I knew I had to look for was a charger. The regular chargers included with our phones won’t be as helpful when we’re on the road since we can only sometimes access an outlet. For convenience, I bought two types: one portable charging station and one wireless charger from Singapore.

The portable charging station looks like an external hard drive, with several USB outlets on the side. My friends and I can use this charging station simultaneously by plugging all our chargers into the outlets. Meanwhile, I can place my phone on my wireless charger from Singapore, which also acts as a mounted stand for a hands-free experience.

2. Car Phone Holder

Since we’re going on a road trip, we’ll have to kill a lot of time while we wait to arrive at our next destination. That’s why I also bought a car phone holder in Singapore. We can attach the holder to the car’s dashboard and mount the phone. Then, all we have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the dozens of movies we downloaded beforehand in preparation for the trip. It’s a smaller screen than we’re used to, but that’s part of the experience!

3. Magnetic Stand

I didn’t want to share my phone for movie-viewing all the time, which is why I also got a magnetic stand for when I needed to watch on my own time. Not only can the stand support my phone, but it also has a built-in card holder, which is convenient for snack runs at convenience stores whenever we have to stop at a gas station.

4. Phone Grip

I tend to drop my phone a lot, and I might drop it even more during the hustle and bustle of a road trip. Because of that, I also got a phone grip that I could attach to the back of my phone. I can slip my fingers under the grip band to ensure I won’t lose it, even if I’m holding multiple things like my luggage.

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