4 Essential Tips For Finding A Wine Vault In Singapore

Like book collectors, they take priority when it comes to the shelves their books are going to live in. Same with collecting wines, you have to build or buy the best wine vault in Singapore! You have to consider its size capacity, the sturdiness of the vault, and how well ventilated it is.

Nonetheless, here are some essential tips for you, when you start your journey in looking for the best and great quality wine vault in Singapore.

1. A Cellar Needs Proper Ventilation

To prevent musty odours from contaminating your wine bottles in extremely humid conditions, make sure the wine self storage facility in Singapore you choose has excellent ventilation. A mechanical ventilation system is advised since a wine cellar should not have any windows to prevent direct light from damaging wine as it ages.

2. Keep Things In Dim Light

Always try to limit your exposure to light. By storing your wine in a dark wine vault in Singapore, you may prevent UV rays from damaging the bottles and giving them a bad odour in addition to maintaining colder, more humid conditions.

Although the wine itself won’t likely be harmed by light from domestic lamps, your labels may eventually fade. Although fluorescent bulbs do release extremely small amounts of UV light, incandescent bulbs may be slightly safer.

3. Make Sure That Your Fine Vintage Bottles’ Corks Are Not Airtight

Make sure your wine bottles’ corks are not airtight when choosing a wine vault in Singapore so that the wine can breathe the wine vault’s air.

4. Keep It Cool But Not Too Cool

The biggest enemy of wine is heat. You really have to be extra careful when it comes to choosing your wine vault in Singapore. Over 70° F will cause a wine to age more quickly than is typically preferred.

Additionally, if the temperature rises much, your wine may become cooked and lose its flavour and perfume. The ideal temperature range is between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, or roughly 55 degrees Fahrenheit, though it would be highly recommended to speak with wine professionals who offer first-rate wine storage services.

They may be the best individuals to question about the appropriate temperature for your specific wine because they have a wealth of wine knowledge. If you plan to open the bottles within a few years of their release, don’t worry too much if your wine self storage in Singapore is a few degrees warmer.

Suppose you are looking for a fine wine vault facility, please contact Singapore Wine Vault for their reputable wine services. You can also check out their duty calculator in Singapore.

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