4 Smartest Ways To Clear Your Credit Card Debt Swiftly

Pay via credit card (จ่าย ผ่าน บัตร เครดิต, which is the term in Thai) serves as the best solution when purchasing any product. Most banks offer to pay anything with a credit card. But this card can be a liability for you if not used smartly.

Credit card bills add up every month, and sometimes we cannot pay for some reason. Due to this, your accounts add up to the previous month’s bills and result in debt traps.

Credit card clearing (ตัด บัตร เครดิต, term in Thai) can be paid off faster by following simple strategies. Here are some ways to avoid getting involved in credit card debts.

4 Tips To Pay Off Your Credit Card Debts Fast

1.  Convert Outstanding Bills To Emis

If you cannot manage your outstanding bill, request your bank to convert the amount into EMIs. Banks can charge a nominal interest and a processing fee for allowing the EMIs facility. The bank directly deducts the EMIs from the bank account.

2.  Pay Via Credit Card All Your Bills

It is a piece of advice to make a budget for your credit card and use it based on that budget. This way, you can pull off your bills in full, carrying them for the next months and getting stuck in long credits.

Including gas, telephone, and water bills on the credit card is a good idea since they come under fixed monthly expenses. So they need to be paid at any cost.

You can use your credit card to book a flight and hotel, as they have offers and discounts on these groups.

3.  Pay More Than The Minimum Balance.

If you constantly pay only your minimum balance on your credit card, it can take a long time for Credit card clearing. Therefore, if you pay more than the minimum amount of credit card, you have to pay less interest.

4.  Study Your Billing Cycle

To get the maximum benefits of your credit card, know your credit card billing date. For example, a credit card generally offers 30 days credit free period. It starts from the first day of the monthly billing cycle, not from the date of purchase. So try to purchase after your billing date to manage your payment better.

Final Takeaway

Pay via credit card is a blissful financial tool, only if you can manage it properly.  Follow these easy strategies for Credit card clearing in a faster way. It is crucial to clear your debts; otherwise, it will affect your credit score.

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