How Do You Treat Droopy Lids And Some Exercises To Help It?

Any discomfort in your sleep directly affects the eyes and puts strain on them. Any pressure either affects the structure or function of the eye. The most common structural problem in the eyes is droopy lids. Droopy lids in some situations can even exist because of genes. Although, in some cases, it is also seen as a result of eye muscle weakness.

Nevertheless, one needs to consult a doctor to understand the real reason behind the droopiness. Droopy lids problem (ปัญหาหนังตาตก, which is the term in Thai) caused by eye muscle weakness or Ptosis can make your eye feel heavier than it already is. At times, muscle weakness can also happen because of nerve damage. To rule out such reasons and causes, one must consult a specialist to know the exact issue. In terms of Ptosis, one can experience droopy eyelids because of injury or genes. Plus, people with age tend to experience more than younger ones.

Remedy For Nerve Damage & Muscle Weakness

Intervention for any issue depends on the cause of it, and as soon as the cause of the problem is known, one can make only a treatment plan. In cases of Ptosis, no treatment is required per se. However, in a complicated situation, medications and exercises are needed. The intensity of the medicines depends on the severity of the muscle’s weakness. If the muscle injury appears to be serious in some cases, then patients get asked to get surgery.

Activities To Help With Floppy Lids

Here are some of your doctor’s recommended exercises or if you first want to try activities for your droopy lids. Facial exercises are the most ancient kind of exercise used for muscle weakness as they help with the tightening of muscles. Certain types of facial muscles help the most with droopy lids; by doing them regularly, one can observe results in no time.

1. Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice used for various bodily and mental problems. Specific yogic exercises help the most with the issues such as droopy lids. One of the most common yogi exercises is Trataka and Bahiranga that has shown the most effective results with droopy lids. These exercises, when done regularly, seem to be the most effective and beneficial.

2. Eye Mask

Giving your eyes a break by wearing a mask or a patch is an excellent way to rest the muscles. Although, wearing a patch may not have the same benefits as exercise. However, it tends to add up to the efficacy of the exercise. In cases where the child has droopy lids, a doctor may consider surgery because it is genetic.

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