5 Health Screening Packages You Could Get In Singapore

Health is something you should always take care of even if you are not experiencing any conditions. Getting a health screening package in Singapore is one way that can help you and your family keep your health in check. There are different tests you can undergo based on what you will get. Here are some of the packages you can avail and the exams that come with them:


The first package you will encounter is the basic. These include the basic tests you can undergo in a health check up in Singapore, like X-ray, health consultation, medical examination, and urine and stool analysis. It is also the most affordable on the health package list.


The next bundle is wellness. You can also get those included in the basic package but more tests. Some of them are ultrasound in different body parts, Vit D, and tumour markers.


If you are looking for a package for you and your family, comprehensive is the health screening package you should get. MRI and CT scans are also part of the package. A menopausal profile is also available.


For people experiencing health problems, you might want to get this package. There are different tests because they focus more on the condition. Some inclusions are not part of the first three packages.


For other services, it includes treatments for athletes and other health conditions. If you are experiencing problems like injuries, the first person you need to look for is a sports injury specialist.

You can choose any of these packages for health screening promotion. It is better to have this kind of service for your health than nothing. With this, you will become aware of your body and what you do with it. Learn more about health screening by visiting the website of Thomson Wellth Clinic.

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