Paediatric ENT: 5 Conditions Kids May Experience

Parents need to be mindful and careful about what their kids encounter daily. They are more sensitive to things, especially at such a young age. It is when you would notice the health issues they face, even if they are treatable. Always check with a doctor to know what you should and should not do for your children. Since it is their health that is in the talks, parents need to invest in their wellness. Talk to a paediatric ENT specialist in Singapore if they experience any of the following:


Many people are experiencing hearing loss because of various reasons, and one you will commonly encounter is using headphones or earphones too much and at a loud volume. But what if your child does not do this and still gets the hearing problem? Look at the issues before and during childbirth, and the doctor will tell you more about them.


If you see that your child always gets itchy anywhere in his body, it could be a sign of an allergy. But aside from the itchiness they feel, some allergies also make them have a runny nose and teary eyes. They might look like nothing at first, but they could affect your child in many ways. Search for an ENT specialist and clinic in Singapore to help with the condition.


Kids can experience nose bleeding, so do not ignore it if it happens. It could occur during hot weather, specifically in the summer. But if it persists even after the things you do, check with a doctor immediately. They might prescribe something that could help with the condition of your child.


If your child has a cough or does not have the energy to get through the day, they might be experiencing sinusitis. Check with a specialist if these problems do not go away the next day or week. They can provide an available sinusitis treatment in Singapore.


Sleep apnea can also happen to kids, not just adults. Snoring is one sign of this condition, so check if your child does the same. Something might be blocking their airway when they sleep, and you need to know about it.

If you notice your child is suffering from any of these conditions, do not ignore them and get the help of a paediatric ENT in Singapore. You would need the help of professionals to avoid worsening the condition. Think of your family history because it could affect the situation. Visit the website of Dr Jenica Yong if you want to learn more about health conditions kids might experience.

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