7 Questions To Ask A Supplier About Arcade Machines Like Air Hockey

Even though there are many forms of entertainment today, nothing beats retro games. The nostalgia an arcane machine like an air hockey table in Singapore brings to the players can make everything more enjoyable.

If you plan to get arcade machines from a supplier, ask the following questions before finalising your order and settling your payment.

1. Is There A Minimum Order Of Arcade Machines?

Like other suppliers, an arcade machine supplier might also have a minimum order requirement. Not meeting those means you are subject to paying the retail price of the arcade machines of your choice.

2. Do You Offer Installation?

This question will help you confirm whether or not your preferred arcade machine supplier provides an arcade machine installation. Remember that assembling arcade apparatuses like a capsule machine in Singapore is a lot of complicated furniture. One mistake can cause it not to function well.

3. How Long Does It Take To Set Up Arcade Machines?

It depends on the type of arcade machine and the technician’s expertise level. However, knowing the estimated installation time from your preferred arcade machine supplier can give you a rough idea of how long it will take to set things up.

4. Who Do I Call For Routine Maintenance And Repair?

Most reliable arcade machine suppliers also offer routine maintenance and repair services. Asking this question will help reassure your doubt and determine who you should contact during an emergency.

5. How Long Do Arcade Machines Last?

Purchasing shooting equipment or arcade games can be costly. Knowing how long they will last will give you confidence that you will get the most out of them during their lifespan.

6. Does Warranty Come When Purchasing Your Arcade Machine?

Besides knowing the lifespan, you also need to know if the arcade machine supplier will cover the repairs or replacement if the equipment does not work well within a certain period.

A warranty on an arcade machine can give you peace of mind that you do not have to pay for the repairs and replacement

7. What Happens If A Game Arrives Damaged Or Broken?

In most cases, the supplier will cover such situations as long as the arcade machines are within the return policy period, like seven days from the purchase or delivery date.


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