Damon Braces: Everything You Need To Know About It

Braces help our teeth to look better. It makes our jaw-line look and keeps it in shape. There are various reasons our teeth are not in form. For some people, it is an inborn problem, whereas, for others, there are other reasons. Wearing braces is one of the easiest ways to straighten your teeth and give your face a better look. You do not have to do much for it, just some settings and you are done with a new face look. For better results, check out a reliable orthodontist and Damon braces price (จัด ฟัน แบบ ดา มอน ราคา, which is the term in Thai). 

What Are Damon Braces?

These are the brackets that do not use any rubber bands or orthodontic wires for fitting the braces. Traditionally fitting braces were too much uncomfortable. The patients used to feel pain all the time discomfort because of rubber bands and orthodontic wires. Damon braces are modern innovations that are faster than traditional braces. When it comes to Damon braces price depends on the system and doctor. But in any way, it is worth spending.

What Are The Different Types Of Damon Braces?

There are two main types of Damon braces. Your doctor will suggest the suitable one for you.

Damon Q- You will have silver braces with metal wire with these braces. It will look like traditional braces, but it will not use rubber bands.

Clear Damon- as the name suggests, the brackets used in these types are transparent. These types of braces are more manageable and quick to install.

What Are The Benefits Of Damon Braces?

The following are essential benefits of using the Damon braces.

·        Faster Treatment

The braces are hinges that can be opened and closed quickly. Therefore, the doctor can do little to fit these braces during every visit. Also, the teeth fit in perfectly with these hinges. It makes the treatment faster than the traditional one.

·        Fewer Visits To The Doctor

Tieing of wires or rubber bands is not needed during the treatment. Therefore, you do not have to visit the doctor frequently.

·        Less Painful 

This procedure does not use wires or rubber bands. Also, the braces quickly move on. Hence, the process is less painful. You do not have to worry about the pain during the process.

·        Easily Manageable

The cleaning process is straightforward with these braces. Also, you do not have to worry about the awful odour of rubber bands with these braces.

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