What Is Temporal-Lift Surgery And Who Should Consider Opting For It?

Temporal lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed on the lateral parts of the eyebrow and the temple region of the head to lift them. This procedure is primarily performed in the lateral aspect of the eyebrow and is less invasive than a typical eyebrow lift.

The procedure aims to cover up the sagging skin of the temple and lateral eyebrows to hide the signs of aging. The procedure raises the lateral part of the eyebrow. It is also helpful in removing wrinkles from the eyebrows, forehead, and temple. The surgery imparts a fresh look to the eyebrows and the forehead.

People Who Should Opt For Temporal Lift Surgery?

Temporal lift surgery should be opted for by people with the following issues:

·       Individuals With Age-Related Sagging

With advancing age, skin becomes loose and saggy. Temporal lift is often recommended to people who have developed sagging around the temples due to natural aging. The procedure gives a youthful and lifted appearance to the area.

·       People With Significant Temporal Hollowing

Temporal hollowing means a loss in the volume of temples which gives a daunt or sunken look to the temples. The procedure can resolve the issue by adding volume to the temples and making them appear filled.

·       Individuals Seeking A More Balanced Face Profile

Some people have a disproportionate face profile due to the imbalance between their forehead and temples. Temporal lift surgery [ดึง หาง ตา, which is the term in Thai] can be done to create a harmonious balance between them and give an overall aesthetic look to the face.

·       People With Temporal Muscle Atrophy

Certain medical ailments or going can lead to muscle atrophy around the temples and the forehead. This can lead to hollowing or sinking of the muscles. Temporal lift surgery can be used to address this issue and improve the appearance of the temporal muscles affected by muscle atrophy.

·       People With Deep Forehead Wrinkles Or Frown Lines

Temporal lift surgery can be used by people whose frown lines and forehead wrinkles extend from the forehead to their temples. The procedure can help such people by tightening these lines and can smoothen their frown lines and wrinkles.

·       Individuals Seeking A Non-Surgical Alternative To A Full Facelift

As already stated, temporal lift surgery is a less invasive method as compared to the traditional facelift so it can be utilized by people who seek a less invasive method to resolve their skin issues.

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