Getting Married While Being Close To Nature

Marriage is the beginning of a family and is a life-long commitment. A marriage teaches one to be selfless. Marriage is more than pomp and show. It is about connecting on a deeper level and finding a partner for life. These days weddings have different themes such as a romantic theme, vintage theme, fairy-tale theme, modern theme, or a garden theme wedding. A garden theme is an excellent idea for a wedding. Gardens are beautiful, smell like flowers and give a very romantic feel to any event. A garden wedding is a wedding ceremony which takes place in a garden. There are plenty of garden wedding theme ideas (ธีม งาน แต่ง ใน สวน, which is the term in Thai) to choose from.

Garden ceremonies are chosen by couples who prefer being outdoors. One can choose to decorate the venue with lots of candles and special seating areas or amp up the greenery and flowers. The setting and the details of garden weddings are incredibly romantic.

Garden Wedding Theme Ideas

Use the local flora to beautify the garden where the wedding will take place. Buying flowers and plants that are not native to the land or are not in season will become expensive. Using the plants that grow locally will help you decorate the garden easily. Work with your florist to incorporate native flowers that play in your venue.

Get Creative With The Seating Arrangement And Dinner Table In The Following Ways:

  • You can use real flowers or paper mâché flowers with names written on the petals that tell where a person will be seated.
  • You can use real or fake tree stumps as makeshift chairs or tables. There are a lot of ways to decorate the venue, and you can go as far as your imagination takes you.
  • Serve farm-fresh food. Serve your guests seasonal fruits as snacks. It goes well with the garden theme.
  • Your guests will also appreciate the healthy and tasty assortment of fruits. The fruits could be the product of the garden you are getting married in. It would be a symbolic way to celebrate the plot of land where you wed.
  • Use flowers to decorate the bride and the bridesmaid’s dresses. That would be the perfect finishing touch in a garden wedding.
  • Instead, discard traditional round tables and go for a design that works with the garden of your choice. It could be one big table to seat all of your guests or multiple tables connected.

 A wedding is one of the most important days in your life, and it should go exactly as you plan. With these garden wedding theme ideas, we hope you plan the wedding you have always dreamed about and fantasized about.

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