Wedding Photography Styles – A Complete Overview

When we think of weddings, all we can see is love, bond, happy tears, and a great celebration. But what’s that one thing which includes all of these? The Wedding Photographs. Having a wedding photographer is quite normal at today’s weddings. But, it’s the style that differs.

1.   Sassy-Classy

In this type of wedding style, couples usually want the photoshoot to be sophisticated, elegant, and of premium level. They’re expensive depending on the wedding photographer and venue. Usually, people who are not camera-shy and are confident, prefer this photoshoot. Even the wedding dress plays a vital role to make the shoot look more luxurious and high-end.

2.   The Traditional Way

This is one of the most pocket-friendly and ready-to-go photography styles. As the name suggests, the shoot is traditionally appealing and doesn’t require looking picture-perfect. The style has family photos and usually has a cultural symbol. At last, the theme is very simple, sober, and evergreen.

3.   Tintlessess Type

Nowadays, we are often seeing the trend of tintless photography. It means Black and White wedding shoot which is quite believed to be today’s fashion statement. Couples find it more of a vintage look and make the photos meaningful. They are even blurry and candid which quite adds a unique quality apart from other styles.

4.   The Big Fat Famous Wedding

This type of style can be seen in many movies and famous weddings. It looks like a wedding vlog as it covers the whole wedding shoot including the conversations. Marc Shaw Photography & Films has listed their video diaries which can give you an overview of wedding videos where every family member is expressing their heartiest blessings for the couple’s future. This gives the shoot quite a royal and popular look.

5.   Scenic Shoot

In this particular type of shoot, the venue matters the most. It is the destination that adds beauty to the shoot. Some people prefer it in a natural environment like a Mountain View, Desert, or Beach. While some couples create an artificial look using props like a castle or anything customized.

If you’re still confused about deciding the best one, refer to Marc Shaw Photography & Skills for photoshoot samples and venues.

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