How Important Is Preschool Education In Singapore?

Most parents are guilty of paying more attention to their children’s tertiary education. Parents set up educational and trust funds so they can send their kids abroad to study in prestigious universities when the right time comes. But did you know that preschool education is equally important as tertiary education?

It means that parents should also think thoroughly about preschool in Singapore and not be crass when deciding about it. Here are the reasons why preschool education is crucial:

1. Preschool is your child’s first exposure to academic setup

Preschool is your child’s first exposure to the most common academic setup. The most common setup is a classroom with students and teachers in the front.

Throughout your child’s education, from elementary to graduate school, this will be the setup. In the classroom, they learn basic school etiquette, such as raising their hands when they want to speak, following simple directions and instructions, and taking notes.

2. Kick starts your child’s emotional and social skills

Home indeed is where your child’s emotional and social skills first hone. But outside this comfort zone, preschool is the next place to develop these skills.

At a young age, kids learn how to express and understand their emotions in school. Sometimes, they get sad when a classmate doesn’t share their toys or become joyful when they play with their friends.

Along with emotional development, they also hone their social skills. They learn the value of teamwork, sharing, communication, and empathy. The top preschool in Singapore ensures guidance on your child’s emotional and social skills development.

3. Builds the basic foundation of literacy skills

Unfortunately, there are still students who enter college with poor reading comprehension. The foundation of literacy skills starts in preschool.

It begins with nursery rhymes, distinguishing sounds, the alphabet, listening to read-aloud stories, and more. These activities sharpen the reading and listening comprehension of a child. So when typing in ‘preschool near me‘ on Google, choose the best one.

4. Piques the interest of your child

Can you believe that as early as six to eight years old, children can find the things they are most interested in? And they don’t show it in the most obvious way but manifest it through play!

For example, in preschool, children get to build things and draw things. You can determine if your child has potential in engineering if they love creating things with Lego blocks.

Moreover, these activities improve your child’s decision-making skills by choosing which activities they want to participate in.

Invest in preschool education like how you will invest in university. After all, preschool is the first step in your child’s education.

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