How Smart Devices Can Be Useful for the Whole Household

Smart home products are seemingly trendier today. There are a lot of devices, anything from smart voice assistants to smart light bulbs and so much more. Their popularity stems from the comfortability and accessibility that they provide to pretty much every user.

Whether you’re moving into a new house and looking to make it more innovative and modern or simply just thinking of revamping your home into a smart home, smart home devices can be the perfect addition to make your life much easier and comfortable.

Smart home products are being used by almost every consumer, mainly due to their versatility; from college students on a budget to elders who need extra care and support. Here are some smart home products that will help you add that extra oomph to your new home or be the perfect fit, and useful for everyone in your family.


  1. Voice Assistant

A voice assistant can be the perfect addition to basically any home. With options such as the Google Home featuring the Google Assistant, and Amazon Echo featuring the infamous Alexa, users can do almost anything without having to lift a finger. So whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or someone with a 9-5 job, taking care of your household can be tedious, but with a voice assistant all those tasks that seem like they would drain the last bit of energy left in you can be quickly done with a simple voice command.

Turning your lights off, setting up a movie, or even turning down the temperature has never been easier. With little kids or elders, having a voice assistant can do wonders, and with smart integration to your other smart devices, a voice assistant allows you to control everything without having to get up from your seat, and with just a voice command. So, if you need to lock your doors, turn on the TV, or turn the lights on in the dark, you just have to say it and your voice assistant will do the rest. It’s like having a virtual assistant in your home!

Here’s something fascinating though. Google Home with its voice assistant Google Assistant, has a feature dubbed Routines whereby which users can set a custom voice command that enables the voice assistant to carry out multiple operations through multiple connected devices. For example, if you have a specific command like ‘Goodnight Google’, your voice assistant will lower the thermostat temperature to your preferred night-time temperature, turn off the necessary lights except for that lamp in the living room, and lock the front and back doors too. However, for voice assistants to control other devices around the house, remember that those devices must be smart devices.

  1. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting includes smart bulbs, smart porch lights, smart LED strips, and even smart floodlights. Suppose your house has children or elderly individuals. In that case, you can easily connect an additional motion sensor to your light bulbs (if they don’t already include that feature) which could enable them to light up whenever they detect any movement within a room. Gone are the days when you’d have to struggle in the dark to find the light switch, which can also be somewhat hazardous to almost anyone. What’s more, is that if you have a front porch you can integrate the porch light with a motion sensor as well. We all know how annoying and also scary it is to look for the keys in the dark.

Smart lightbulbs like the Sengled include warm as well as white lighting, users can easily change the intensity as well as the color of the lights. They can easily be used and controlled through the Sengled smartphone application, so you no longer have to worry about leaving the lights on while you’re away; you can simply turn it off with a tap of a button from anywhere!

  1. Smart Camera

Every household needs that added level of protection, and with smart cameras, you can get just that. Smart cameras like the Google Nest Camera enable users to have 24/7 access to video footage of the inside and outside of the house. Additionally, a wireless smart camera makes for a seamless installation process and allows you to place the camera in hidden corners too. With wide-angle views and HD video coverage, as well as night-vision, users don’t miss a thing when it comes to smart cameras.

Since it’s a smart camera, some of the variants can easily differentiate between humans, animals, and objects in general. Whenever these cameras detect movement while you’re away, some either take a snapshot and send an alert to your smartphones, while some also have video storage for you to view later in your free time. Since you can access the device and its video from pretty much anywhere thanks to their associated mobile applications, it can provide users with the peace of mind that they know what’s happening while they’re away.


Smart home devices do not cater to one individual in a household. Given that they all feature mobile applications, and that voice assistants usually allow for 6 voices to be registered to the device, the entire household can access these devices with absolute ease. You can find more smart devices here at www.firstenergyhome.com under their Smart Home category.

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