Commemorate Earth Day with These 4 Smart Devices

Earth Day may seem to be an ordinary day to some but it matters gravely to the rest. With the pace at which technology and society progress, so does the health of the planet begin to take a turn for the worse. Scientists have claimed that we are now at a point where there is no reversing the effects of climate change, all we can do now is slow down the pace.

A lot of citizens across the globe take earth day energy conservation very seriously. You would find that a common practice is switching off the lights for an hour on Earth Day, and every year satellite images are released of areas that tend to do that. There is obviously a lot more we can do to mark our green footprint in society at a domestic level, to collectively counter the problem of climate change. If industries can do their part then so can we.

Smart devices have been known to be energy efficient, along with bringing about home automation and the added benefit of home security with certain devices as well. So here are 4 of the commonly used smart devices that can help homeowners do their part in living in a cleaner environment – and it comes with the added bonus of reduced utility bills too!

4 Energy Efficient Smart Devices

  1. Smart Sprinklers

A smart sprinkler controller will water your yard while you drive to work, only for it to switch off automatically when the 15 minute timer is up. That’s not all though. Like all smart devices feature their mobile applications, so does a smart sprinkler controller. The device may be installed somewhere in your home but you get around the clock access to it from the palm of your hand.

For those that have gardens and yards in their homes, understand that how tough it is to maintain them, especially when it comes to watering them. A lot of the times people forget to water their yards only to quickly ask their neighbor to take the key from under the mat and switch on the sprinklers from inside your home just for a few minutes. But with smart sprinklers you won’t have to rely on your neighbor or anybody for that matter when you can do it yourself from the mobile application. A lot of smart sprinkler apps allow for homeowners to even set watering schedules for the device to follow through, and not just that, these devices use information from local weather stations in order to adjust the schedules whenever necessary.

  1. Smart Plugs

If you plug any electronic device or appliance into a smart plug, you can basically control it via the smart plug’s mobile app. For instance switching off any light or heater that is plugged in, or even the laptop charger and curling iron; just pick up your phone and switch the plug on or off with the tap of a button. Even if the appliances are not in use, there is still electricity passing through the outlet, which is obviously a waste is given that the device that is plugged in is not in use.

  1. Smart Thermostat

Its time you swap out your regular thermostat with a smart one. Smart Thermostats are your best bet at reducing unnecessary energy wastage, which also results in lower heating and cooling bills overtime just so you know.

Now some smart thermostats may be pricey, but here’s what should actually matter, consider them an investment into your home. They are probably one of the most prominent energy efficient smart devices out there. A lot of variants use geo-fencing technology that essentially uses the mobile’s location that has the mobile app of the particular thermostat, in order to automatically switch itself on or off. Similarly, some smart thermostats feature motion sensors that can switch to eco-friendly temperatures or switch themselves off after a certain time of inactivity. But the most basic and useful of all features is the fact that you can control the thermostat and its settings with the mobile application. That means switching it on or off without having to do so manually from the device itself.

  1. Smart Lights

Smart Lights are another great energy saving contender when it comes to smart devices. Lights that can be controlled individually using a mobile application or collectively via a central hub, or even switch on or off automatically based on movement.

Smart Bulbs and lights in general are LED which means that they consume less energy than a regular light bulb would anyway. Top that with the automation and motion sensor features, along with wireless control through the mobile app, and the ability to set schedules for the lights – smart lights are one of those devices that would instantaneously show you a reduction in your electric bill, and cut back on the unnecessary wastage that is usually a result of forgetting to switch lights off.

There are many more smart devices that can prove to be useful for your homes when it comes down to living the green lifestyle. There’s smart refrigerators and smart ovens that also minimize energy wastage while bringing with them the plethora of features that they usually do. You can find a lot more smart devices for your homes right here at www.firstenergyhome.com. Just remember, these devices no matter the price are an investment into your home and a clean environment altogether.

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