Medjool Date Adds An Added Advantage To Your Healthy Diet

Dates are primarily expected in Middle Eastern countries as they have an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, which leads to proper nutrition for the body. So they are usually on the sweeter side; that’s why people apply them in shakes, cereals, or raw.

There Are A Few Varieties Of Dates Like:

  • Medjool Dates
  • Deglet Dates
  • Zahidi Dates
  • Sukkary Dates
  • Oman Dates

Each of these dates has a bit of a sweeter side, and their colours are also similar. Some have high iron content, and some are rich in minerals or vitamins, some help to strengthen your heart and also help to improve cognitive function.

What Are Medjool Dates?

Medjool date is reddish-brown, and the texture is soft; it tastes sweet. The surface of that date is not even and has a thick layer, but inside it is smooth and sweet. They are known as the fruit of kings as they have immense benefits.

Medjool dates are grown in warm climates but are readily available in supermarkets at a cheaper rate. If you have cut down on sugar, Medjool is the best substitute date.

What Are Its Uses?

  1. Medjool is loaded with fewer calories, so if you have no time to eat and are starving, consuming a few Medjool dates will provide a soothing effect to your stomach for an hour.
  1. These dates also reduce the triglycerides, which can cause heart problem, so it controls the blood sugar level and reduces the blood pressure.
  1. It also improves digestion and prevents constipation, which generally leads to piles or cancer in the rectum, but Medjool date helps improve all functions.

But too much consumption of these dates can have an adverse effect as it can cause weight gain as they are on the sweeter side. As they are very rich in potassium, people facing kidney problems must consult a doctor before having them. So if you bought this particular date, try to store it for a short time as it will lose its taste and gather fungus. So try to finish it off within time to get better results.

These dates are available online in the packed can. So try to go for the best brands to provide authentic products. So while scrolling through the reviews and ratings, you can get hold of the best one.

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