Piano Price Comparison: 5 Factors You Should Consider

Pianos are a sizable investment since generations will likely use the same instrument. An acoustic or grand piano can vary in price in and out of Singapore. Here are five factors to consider before deciding on which piano to purchase.

#1 Sound

People often settle on a piano after only making a price comparison. Quality pianos possess a full and round tone. Some people like a more vibrant tone, while others prefer a more subdued piano tone. Seek advice from a professional before settling on a piano model, preferably an experienced music instructor or a qualified piano technician.

#2 Keys

If playing the keys of a grand piano needs more strength than typing on a computer keyboard, the keys are likely too soft. There should be enough padding to lessen the impact on your finger joints when you strike the keys. Check that the keys have a smooth surface and are free of fractures and defects.

#3 Location

A piano carries an expensive price tag in comparison to most instruments. However, it is also sizable in dimensions. Get the precise measurements of the piano and the location where you intend to install it. Acoustic pianos are susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature. Place your piano away from radiators and direct sunlight.

#4 Warranty

Piano makers provide at least a 5 to 10-year warranty for specific models. However, be cautious when buying a piano from a private seller. Most piano manufacturers do not offer warranty coverage for pianos sold by unlicensed private merchants. Their piano price might be less in comparison due to this aspect.

#5 Brand

Several manufacturers regularly produce dependable acoustic pianos. These brands offer various piano models, from an elegant concert grand to an autoplay piano. Yamaha, Steinway and Baldwin are only some of the safest choices.

STEINWAY & SONS has been producing the best pianos for household and symphonic use since the 1850s. You can see and hear the quality of their pianos at concert halls and other establishments. The Steinway Gallery also offers piano models for rental purposes in Singapore. Visit their shop to get a feel for some of the world’s top instruments.

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