The Dos And Don’ts Drone Videography In Singapore

Cinematography techniques in Singapore evolve as technology improves. From stationary cameras that use film, motion picture creators now utilise artificial intelligence and high-powered machines to make videos for advertisements, corporate activities, or the big screens.

Drone videography in Singapore is one of the many new cinematography techniques filmmakers and camera people use to make motion picture content. This method makes the best of drones and their abilities to capture footage featuring vast landscapes or settings. An operator remotely flies a small camera-equipped drone to shoot wide scenes or sceneries that give the viewer a bird’s eye view of the video they are watching.

If you plan to use drone videography for your project, you should learn how it works and see how it can benefit your content. You should also understand everything you should and should not do when flying drones to take photos or videos to guarantee the cinematography technique’s safety and effectiveness. Scroll through to learn what you can and cannot do when using drone videography practices.

Do: Rethink Your Need For Drone Videography

Every video production company in Singapore will agree that drone videography is not always necessary when creating video content. Just because the technique is popular does not mean that you should buy or rent a drone and fly it to shoot scenes at your site.

Do Not: Forget About Your Budget!

Like all cinematography techniques, drone videography costs money. If you plan to use these meagre yet powerful machines, you should dedicate a portion of your budget to purchasing or renting these drones, taking drone flying lessons, or hiring someone who could operate it.

Do: Research If You Need A Permit To Shoot With Drones

Many private site owners and public space authorities will require you to obtain permits to use drones in their area. To avoid hurdles in your motion picture content production, research or ask your trusted corporate video production house in Singapore if you should get any legal documents to use a drone at a specific location.

Do Not: Ignore Safety Precautions

Drone videography comes with safety risks. To protect yourself, your staff and civilians from harm, understand everything you should do to keep your drones from causing danger while filming a scene at your chosen location.

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