CRAH 101: 5 Ways To Keep Your Computer And Server Room Cool

It is not unusual for people to be surrounded by computers these days. Like any other machines and electronic devices, computers generate heat. Heat is the number one enemy of data centres and server rooms. Too much heat can cause the equipment to overheat and break down unless the rooms have a fan wall unit.

Here are the ways how to keep the precision cooling of your computer room:

1. Install fans

The CRAH or fan wall unit systems from Canatal are one of the most advanced precision cooling systems many data centres use.

These fans regulate the airflow and heat within the server rooms and data centres. It is strategic to place these fans near the equipment with higher heat concentration.

2. Liquid cooling systems

Besides the fans, another effective close control unit technology is the water cooling system. It is a piece of equipment attached to electronic devices. Inside the gear is cool water flowing through pipes. Cold water helps reduce the heat of electronic devices.

3. Proper ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential to maintain the precision cooling of the computer room. You can manipulate the airflow by installing vents and fans and keeping ample space in the area open. Without proper ventilation, hot air becomes trapped in one place in the room alone, increasing the room temperature.

4. Temperature monitor

You can effortlessly monitor the temperature of your room by installing temperature sensors. Some monitors automatically adjust the room climate, whilst others notify the controller.

5. Spread your electronic devices

Don’t let your computers overheat! Never stack your electronic devices together; otherwise, the heat concentration will be higher in them. As much as possible, spread your electronics out. Keep them away from any heat sources and remove all unnecessary electronics to give more space in the room. This tip will maintain the precision cooling of your data centre.

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