Welcome To The Bangkok Door-To-Door Storage Service

The demand for technology is high nowadays, and due to this demand, its popularity is increasing worldwide. What if we get the technology service available at our doorstep? Well, the Bangkok storage is availing such an option for us. The i-storageGo Service is one of the service providers in Bangkok that provides door-to-door services through technologies. It becomes convenient for us, and we get our desired things instantly. Due to our busy schedule, we can opt for this technology service at our doorstep.

Why I-Storego Service?

It is one of the best storage services in Bangkok. The Bangkok storage helps us to provide storage provider service that includes packing, moving, and storing our belongings at a safer storage facility. It provides door-to-door service in Bangkok. The cost is minimal, and everyone can afford it flawlessly.

For the rent storage boxes, they charge 150 baht per month. They will provide you the reusable storage boxes to store your personal belongings. Those belongings might contain stored clothes, luggage storage, shoes, bicycle, books, paintings, etc. The packages come in various types, like document boxes, standard boxes, and wardrobe boxes; they provide oversized containers for large items.

The box storage policy works in four steps that are reserved. First, you need to book it online. The second step is move means once you pack the items, the team will load them onto the truck. The third one is store means you can track your belongings through their app. The last one is return means you will get your belongings back within 24 hours’ notice.

Rent Storage Space

The rented storage space in Bangkok provides a convenient and stress-free way to store all your belongings. They come up to your location and pack all the items; they provide transportation for nonstop solutions. People renovating or relocating their houses, office storage, and furniture store for every problem, there is an ongoing solution for them.

Service Provided

The Bangkok storage, none other than i-StoreGo, is the best service provider that provides door-to-door service. They provide a storage house for those looking to rent storage space. The professional conveniently offers door-to-door mover services. They are a specialized team that stores personal belongings, starting from documents, clothes, furniture, sports equipment, etc. Once you opt for the rented storage space, they provide door-to-door delivery for your belongings within 24 hours. The online inventory management system is best for managing and reviewing your belongings.

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