4 Ways To Effectively Take Care Of Your Printed T Shirt

If you are planning to pay for a tee shirt printing in Singapore, you would want your printed tee to look as fresh and new as possible. Taking care of your printed tee shirt shouldn’t be that too difficult. Knowing the right approach for maintaining your printed tee shirt is key to retaining its colour and the shirt’s fabric for as long as possible. Here are tips for taking care of printed tees.

1. Avoid ironing

Plenty of t-shirt printing in Singapore has an inside hem with printed care labels. You would usually find a ‘no ironing’ symbol, which you should follow. Ironing generates heat that can peel and burn the printed graphics easily. Remember that heat is generally bad for printed shirts.

2. Avoid using dryers

Even most instant t-shirt printing in Singapore is not immune to high temperature from dryers. Dryers are huge time savers for most of us, but if you want your printed tees to last long and preserve their pristine as possible, you will need to ditch the dryer method.

3. Wash it with cold water

Instead of using warm water, cold water does a better job when it comes to washing your printed tees. Hot water would only break down the fibres, especially on the graphics, unlike cold water, which does no harm and helps wash away dirt and stains. Even most firms that offer express t-shirt printing in Singapore would recommend using cold water.

4. Avoid bleach, instead use regular detergent.

Your typical laundry room detergent is good enough to make your print tee look fresh, clean, and vibrant. Bleach would only do damage on printed tees, causing colours to get distorted since the agents in the bleach can alter the dyes and the colour in your printed shirt. Opt for a mild detergent instead.

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