What You Should Know About Economizer Boiler

The economisers are generally designed for any particular boiler application. In that case, you should purchase an economiser per your boiler need. Read the article below to know more about what an economiser boiler (economizer boiler คือ, which is the term in Thai) is and the benefits of using it.

What Is Economizer Boiler

The boiler economizer or economizer helps in reducing energy consumption and preheating a fluid. The economizer works by exchanging the heat to make the system energy efficient by creating the energy enthalpy in the fluid system hot enough for use in a boiler. This way, it can recover useful enthalpy and enhance the performance of steam boilers.

Benefits Of Economizer Boiler

The economiser boiler comes with multiple benefits that you should know. Here some of them are given below:

·       It Saves Money And Enhances Performance

Nowadays, building managers want to focus more on saving money and reducing energy. In that case, they opt for a modern and efficient economizer that provides such advantages. The economizer generally comes with many benefits and saving money and energy is one of them.

·       Improved Ventilation

The economizer boiler is generally designed with a unique sensor that can easily detect the amount of carbon dioxide in the air according to the people’s use. According to the level of carbon dioxide present in the air, it enhances ventilation and allows fresh outdoor air to enter.

·       Reduces Energy

The building managers can reduce the amount of energy cost using the economizers. If you can leave the compressor off, you can save money. As a result, you can save up to 10{6b855f6994b25b2d75710f422674f0a8f68b3417e30916de4614c2002361fe7a} more than the average electricity cost.

·       Extended Life For Other Equipment

Using an economizer, you can reduce the wear and tear of other parts, and you can save on replacement costs. Ensure you properly maintain your economizer to get the most from your economizer.


The economizer boiler is generally used to make the fuel consumption at a lower level with a given steam demand. Apart from that, it also helps in reducing thermal stress from the boiler. You can find the proper manufacturer for getting the economizer. Hopefully, you will benefit from its incredible function.

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