What You Should Know About Sat Test

SAT is the complete form of the Scholastic Aptitude Test that universities and colleges take to test mathematical, writing, and reading skills. It measures students’ ability to apply their knowledge in the education system. Generally, the students take the SAT examination in their 11th grade and 12th grade and earlier stage of 10th. Nowadays, SAT is the widely accepted admission process in most colleges and Universities in the US. You can also get to know SAT digital test (รายละเอียดการสอบ SAT Digital, which is the term in Thai) from the college or university website.

Types Of SAT Exam

There are two types of SATs; which are:

  • SAT Test: SAT is a general test that evaluates a student’s skill based on math, science, English, and other verbal skills.
  • SAT Subject Test: The SAT subject test includes various subjects like mathematics, history, language, etc.

What Are The Eligibilities Of Sat

The SAT exam generally doesn’t have any eligibility criteria. But it would help if you took care of the requirements first. Read the part below to know every detail of the SAT exam.

  • Age limit: Students above 12 years can take the SAT exam. But the students who have passed 9th grade can not take the SAT exam. The students willing to take the SAT exam should be between 16-19 years.
  • Numbers of Attempts: The students can sit the SAT exam multiple times. There are no particular limits for sitting an SAT exam.
  • Educational Eligibility: Students from any background can take the SAT exam. In that case, it doesn’t need any mandatory requirements.
  • ID proof and Documents: Generally, the documentation of the SAT exam depends on the state guidelines. Every state may require different documentation. Most probably, school identity is a must there.

Registration For Sat Exam

You can go through some simple steps to register for the SAT exam. Here the steps are given below:

  • F, first open the college board website to get the form for the SAT exam, fill out the state, and upload documents. You can also get to know SAT digital test from here.
  • You can choose the test center as per your location and area.
  • Now upload your photo ID that matches your other documents.
  • Once you have gone through all the processes, now you are ready to go.


Hopefully, now you know enough about the SAT exam. But once you decide to take the test, ask your tutor to help you in this preparation. You can get to know SAT digital test once you have the initial discussion with your tutor. So, prepare yourself best and succeed in your next SAT exam.

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