5 Water Heater Installation Tips for a Warm Shower

Singapore is indeed a tropical country, but still, there are days when you’ll feel cold, perhaps because it’s raining or it’s the wet monsoon season. You might want to find comfort in the weather and have a warm shower before bed. It’s one of the greatest comforts in life, and you can do this by learning some water heater installation tips in Singapore. 

It’s okay if you plan to do it alone as long as you are familiar with the steps. But if not, it better call for a professional that can install the heater. Heaters might not be a complicated object, but it sure needs safety and precautions too. After all, you’re dealing with electricity and wiring. And so, here are some tips for installing a water heater for your bathroom.

1. Keep Enough Space from the Wall

When the handyman in Singapore instals the water heater, ensure the handyman leaves enough space between the heater and the wall. This way, you can quickly repair or replace the back part of the heater. You can also have an accessible way to reprogram the heater and keep it practical and safe.

2. Sufficient Height from the Floor

It’s also better to keep sufficing height from the floor to avoid such damage. Installing the heater near the floor can be damaged by the splashing of water or perhaps accidentally kicked when someone is using the bathroom. For this reason, keep the heater at an appropriate height for better usage.

3. Ensure that the Wirings are Safe

Since you will be using the heater inside the bathroom, water can get into the electrical wiring and cause more problems. Due to this reason, you need to ensure that the wirings are safe from such accidents. That’s why when looking for carpentry services in Singapore, they also prioritise safety rules.

4. Check if the Features are Working

During the water heater installation process in Singapore, check if the features are working correctly before using it. It is to check if the buttons are working so you can control the heat when using the shower. In doing so, you can find the right temperature when taking a bath.

5. Check the Electric Plug

Most importantly, you must also check the electric plug during installation. You can ensure that the heater works safely from electric shock. Also, keep the plug dry to avoid more accidents.

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