Best hairstyles for men with Godrej Expert Hair Colour Shampoo:

Men shying away from colouring their hair is so last season. It’s 2022! Men are embracing makeup, skincare, and hairstyling as gracefully as women do. And we totally stan this positive change in the fashion industry. That is precisely why today we are here with this article. Men often complaint about the tedious and lengthy process of hair colouring. They have mentioned time and again that they do not prefer going for all those elaborate steps. Well, just like your other problems in life, this one has a solution. Let us introduce you to a new world of hair color for men which allows you to get your desired hair color in just one wash and that too in five minutes. Yes, you heard us right! Godrej Expert Hair Color Shampoo is an instant hair colour brand designed specifically for all those men out there who are shying away from hitting the salon and getting their hair done. To lessen your troubles a bit, you can try one of these hair colours that are super easy to apply. All you have to do is just shampoo your hair for five minutes with this super affordable product and rinse it off! And that’s all! You can flaunt your new hair look now in just five minutes.

Something hassle-free yet so effective. That was the idea behind Godrej Expert Hair Colour Shampoo. This product has revolutionized the entire world of men’s fashion with its unique formula and USP. The colour is available in three different beautiful shades that can suit any Indian man amazingly. These are infused with natural ingredients like shikakai and amla to help you hide your grey hair for a long time. Brownie points to the product for being absolutely ammonia-free which makes that your hair doesn’t get damaged from all the colour applications.

Let’s look at some of the hairstyling options that you can rock with these hair colours for men.

1. Natural Black:

The OG hair colour for Indian men to hide their greys is the Natural Black hair colour. Men of literally any age group can sport this look with any outfit in any season. Add some hair gel and give some shape to your wavy hair and get that classy handsome cousin of the wedding look with this shade. You can clean up a bit around the edges and sport a beard along with this hair to add more spunk and gravity to your look.

2. Natural brown:

Both men and women love this hair colour shade because this helps you strike the balance between massy and classy. Another fun thing with this hair colour is that even if you go all global it suits you just right and doesn’t look over the top at all. If you have naturally straight hair and you are looking for something that will add depth and volume to your hair then this is your colour. Style your hair like Kartik Aaryan from Sonu Ke Titu ki Sweety and rock brown hair look like a true Desi Munda!

3. Burgundy:

Again, talking of hair colours, one can’t really forget the hot favourite hair colour of all times- Burgundy. We all know that Burgundy suits curly hair the best and that is why we are here to suggest you colour your hair Burgundy if you have naturally curly hair. If you wanna roleplay the college guitarist guy and you also have long beautiful curly hair then you must give this colour. This is a statement hair look that you can try out in any season. Let your hair down, do a man bun or ponytail; you will only end up looking super dapper and fashionable.

FAQs about Godrej Expert Hair Colour Shampoo:

Is it safe to use Godrej Expert Hair Colour Shampoo?

Not only is it safe to use Godrej Expert Hair colour Shampoo, but also it actually takes care of your hair with all the infused natural ingredients like Shikakai and Amla. These are all safe ang age-old hair care secrets from the Indian Herbal Treatment.

How long does Godrej Expert Hair Colour Shampoo last?


The Godrej Expert Hair Colour Shampoo is very efficient and long-lasting as it lasts for atleast a month. Then the colour gradually starts to fade out but you can always regain it in just five minutes instantly.

How can I use Godrej Expert Hair Colour Shampoo?


This instant hair colour shampoo is really easy to use. All you have to do is open the sachet and apply its contents to your dry hair and gently massage it. Wait for five minutes and rinse it off.

That’s all you need to do in order to get your coloured hair. Super simple and easy!

Can I apply Godrej Expert Hair Colour Shampoo on oily hair?


Yes, you can actually apply hair colour on oily hair but make sure it’s not too greasy because that can make the hair colour diluted. Unwashed hair from 1-2 days is fine but anything more than that will restrain the hair colour from getting deposited on your hair.


Can I apply Godrej Expert Hair Colour Shampoo on wet hair?


Technically, you can do that but the bottom line is that if you colour your wet hair then the result will not be so vibrant. It won’t last long and fade out early. Therefore, it is always advisable to apply any type of hair colour on dry hair only.

That’s all we had for you guys in store today. Try out the Godrej Expert Hair Colour Shampoo at the earliest because it has absolutely no side-effects and it also comes at a very affordable price. Check out all the available shades and style your hair to the best of your abilities to look the best this wedding season. It’s about time that we let our men be what they are and help them to discover this part of self love and self care a little more. If you are shying away from visiting the salon to get your hair done, then this is your time to believe in your DIY skills and create the look that you want.



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