What is monetization and why is it important for YouTube content creators?

Monetization refers to generating income with non-traditional digital media. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive explanation of the YouTube monetization process, including basic definitions on the topic, as well as presenting the first steps to having and monetizing content on YouTube. YouTube has become “the jukebox of the world”. Even entrepreneurs and fortune 500 companies are hiring Professional YouTube marketers to do this job. A good quality service/product video on YouTube let the companies come closer to their audience. They monetize the channels and keep their contents safe.

How this system works?

Content ID — which applies to all labels and artists — is the way YouTube takes the “fingerprint” of your music, and then looks through all the videos on the platform to identify if it is used in any (even if your music is used in videos you haven’t posted). Moreover, this system makes monetization on YouTube possible. Content ID is a feature that allows the use of your content (audio and video) on other channels. In other words, if someone posts your video clip on another channel or uses a snippet of your music in the video, we detect it. As this content is yours, you will receive this monetization revenue. It is important because it prevents other people from profiting from your content. If your music is on another channel, YouTube has a way of knowing it. It will pay you for it. The same happens if your channel uses someone’s music in a paid video, with authorization to do so.

The differences between monetizing videos and music on YouTube

Much of what we have talked about so far is fairly common sense, at least among musicians who understand more about YouTube. However, many musicians do not know something. You can monetize ANY video on YouTube that uses your music, not just the videos on your channel. When someone uses one of your songs in a crazy kitty video, YouTube can identify and put a video advertising, directing a portion of the advertising revenue to you.

Who else would be using my music on YouTube besides me?

Lots of people – and the more people use your music in YouTube videos, the more money you will make. Here are some ways your music can be used in other people’s videos –

  • Fan videos (which you can encourage through contests and other ways)
  • Funny videos of kittens or any other pet (or any family or home movie you want to add a soundtrack to)
  • Corporate presentations and videos
  • Commercials
  • Music videos (where someone uploads your music with a CD image, band photo, etc)
  • Monetization of your YouTube channel: Revenue generated by ads shown in your channel’s videos
  • YouTube Music: It is a streaming platform like any other

How to Enable YouTube Monetization for Your Channel on Your Computer or Mobile

First, you need to have or create a YouTube channel. It is good to remember that not all content to be monetized on YouTube is musical. You can have a channel where you talk about music production or another topic and still monetize your videos.

Minimum qualification requirements

Follow all YouTube monetization policies. They are a set of guidelines. Live in a country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is available. Have more than 4,000 valid public viewing hours in the last 12 months. Have over a thousand subscribers. Have a linked Google Ad Sense account.

Go to your YouTube channel dashboard. Click on Monetization option. Sign up for Google Ad sense. Choose the option that most applies. After linking your Ad sense account, just wait for YouTube’s evaluation to approve.

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