FAQs About Having a Wireless Charger in Singapore

One of the worst inconveniences of the traditional charger is the wire. It can feel bulky to carry around everywhere, and if you have other wires in your bag from your other chargers or earphones, they have a chance to tangle up if not stored properly. Luckily, as technology has progressed, experts have been able to come up with alternatives and more convenient ways to charge. One of these ways is a wireless charger from Singapore.

Here are some frequently asked questions about wireless chargers so you know if it’s the best option for you.

What is Wireless Charging, and How Does it Work?

Wireless charging is powered by something called Qi technology, which was developed in 2008. A wireless charger in Singapore is typically a flat object that serves as your gadget’s ‘charging pad’. When you place your phone or other devices on this pad, it transmits power by sending out electromagnetic waves. Gadgets have a receiver coil that can transform these waves into electricity, efficiently charging the device.

Are Wireless Chargers Safe?

There’s currently no evidence to support that electromagnetic field emissions are unsafe for humans, so many experts are sure that wireless chargers are safe. Emissions from Qi technology chargers have already been repeatedly tested to ensure they’re safe for humans. Ensure that your wireless portable charger is high quality, as cheaply-built chargers might need to be tested for safety.

What are the Advantages of Wireless Chargers?

Here are a few reasons why getting a wireless charger may prove beneficial for you:

  • If you already bring a lot of chargers for your other gadgets, such as your laptop, you can lessen the hassle of having so many wires with a wireless charger.
  • If you choose to have a fixed wireless charging station in your home or get a wireless charging power bank, you no longer have to worry about repeatedly plugging and unplugging cable cords. This benefit is advantageous if you have mobility issues with your hands or fingers.
  • They are compatible with many phone models, so if a friend or family member needs to charge their phone while with you, you can offer your wireless portable charger without worrying about compatibility.
  • While it’s initially more expensive, you save more money in the long run because the cords of a traditional charger may require frequent replacement.

Do Wireless Chargers Have Disadvantages?

While you can work around many of these disadvantages, you should still keep in mind the following:

  • You won’t be able to use your phone while charging since it needs to stay on the charging pad.
  • It’s not 100{08ffe88c5b90cc48a299f98f7d2ef5e652ad8a7b3196b331bc139ea9b3272ba4} wireless – if you have a wireless charging power bank, you need to refill its power by charging it traditionally. However, you can easily do this overnight, or while doing something else, so it’s ready to go when needed.

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