Selecting My Go-To Antibacterial Spray: My Experiences As Someone From The Industry 

Selecting a product related to the industry someone works in is easy for some people. Why? They have a working knowledge of these products, and while that depends on their designation in the company, all information is valuable. In my case, working in the disinfectant industry made it easier for me to select an antibacterial spray that suits my lifestyle and health preferences.

In this article, let me share my experiences as a consumer and someone working in the disinfection industry to help people choose the best disinfectant spray in Singapore that matches their needs.


Living amidst the coronavirus pandemic increased the demand for alcohol, hand sanitiser, and other antibacterial spray products. People are getting warier about their surroundings and everything else they touch. With this, I have used my professional life to my advantage through my working knowledge of these products. Also, I am a business specialist for a company, so my job includes planning and strategising to help achieve whatever goal. One of my tasks is to know a thing or two about the products they offer in the market.


There are different customers in the market. One might put a premium on aesthetics and trust a product because its branding looks respectable and reliable. On the other hand, someone is stringent and has a higher standard than the rest of the consumers inside the drugstore. They read things carefully and dissect all information they see. In my case, I levelled up my observation because I know what is inside those products or how companies market them. For me, buying an antibacterial spray is simple. How? Look for a few words.


You might be thinking that I know all the ingredients, what to prioritise, and the ones to achieve maximum effectiveness. On the contrary, while I do have an idea of those things, what I did was look for the appropriate words to know what those products exactly are or their main purpose. For instance, when I was looking for an air purifying solution for my machine, I scanned through the label and looked for the things I wanted for a product.


There is no need to feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the plethora of products in the market. Instead, the key is to save time and become efficient. Instead of reading all the ingredients that you are not even familiar with or trying to find one that suits your health, look for the words on the label. For instance, if you prefer a disinfectant spray that is for babies, look for the appropriate words or markings indicating they are for infants and little children.

No worries now because you have learned about buying an antibacterial spray for everyday use or the best air purifying solution for your appliance. With this, your job is to follow these tips and become a customer that knows and is aware of things. Visit BioCair to explore their offerings

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