Postpartum Exercise: 5 Recovering Tips After Giving Birth To My Baby

My baby is a blessing. After giving birth to my son, I feel I have more direction. I feel more inspired to go to work because I know I have a purpose for earning money. All my stress will go away once I see my baby smile. Indeed, as a parent, I shift my attention from myself to my baby. However, my doctor told me to prioritise my health by doing postpartum exercise to regain my physical condition.

I know other mothers also feel the same way. They prioritise the baby 100{08ffe88c5b90cc48a299f98f7d2ef5e652ad8a7b3196b331bc139ea9b3272ba4}, making them forget themselves, and some lessen the affection between the couple. However, there has to be a balance. I still need to focus on myself to ensure a healthy post-pregnancy journey.

So, mothers, let me share my story of how I improved my health after giving birth to my baby.

Postpartum Exercise: 5 Recovering Tips After Giving Birth To My Baby

Giving birth to a baby is a responsibility. It’s about looking after my physical condition and my baby’s health. It’s a constant effort because I have to follow a routine like doing a postpartum exercise and listening to my doctor’s advice. It will not be easy, though, because there are days when you feel discouraged and stressed. But remember being kind to yourself can make the worst days better.

So, here are the five recovery tips I followed after giving birth to my baby.

1) Daily Exercises

When the doctor gave me a signal to do activities, I started with an easy postpartum exercise on YouTube. There were stretches, light cardio, and abdominal workouts. I slowly regained my physical strength and kept myself ready to do vigorous activities. My husband also did the exercises with me to make our bonding after a long day.

2) Checking On My Emotions

There were many changes after giving birth from my work-life routine, relationships, and appearance. I developed pregnancy stretch marks, which made me insecure. My doctor advised me to be more thoughtful about my emotions. Fortunately, I have my support system. My friends and family helped me adjust during this period.

3) Regular Doctor Consultation

It doesn’t mean you have to stop consulting your doctor after giving birth to the baby. You still need to return for consultation, just like I did. Regular consultations helped me track my progress. The doctor also gave me products to lessen the stretch marks appearance. On top of this, the doctor gave me ideas on how to stay healthy during the postpartum period.

4) Prioritise Rest

Yes, sleeping will be hard when you have a baby. My husband and I woke up at night to change diapers. However, I told my husband to sleep longer because he had work the next day. I can only sleep when the baby takes a nap in the morning. I lie in bed and take a short nap when the opportunity comes.

5) Slowly Getting Back To Be Intimate

Being intimate can be difficult after giving birth to a baby. So, we slowly got back to kissing and cuddling. The pregnancy preparation was too emotionally draining, so getting back to being intimate is hard work too. For this reason, we tried to be more vocal about our feelings for each other.

My postpartum journey became less stressful because of Orchard Clinic in Singapore. If you want help with your postpartum exercise, contact them today to talk with a doctor.

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