5 Ways to Define Your Eyebrow Shape

In today’s generation, people like to uplift one another by feeling confident. Famous brands even start a campaign about how living yourself can boost your self-esteem. Although it has a nice message, improving yourself also needs effort and consistency. So, if you want to start transforming yourself, here’s how to define your brows with eyebrow embroidery in Singapore perfectly.

Know Your Face Shape

The first step to flaunt your eyebrows is to know your face shape. Determine whether your face shape is oval, heart, square, etc. Once you determine it, you can now go to a brow embroidery service in Singapore to transform your eyebrows to look good on your facial features.

Avoid Plucking Too Much Hair

Sometimes, you might get too excited to pluck your eyebrows to achieve the shape you want. However, plucking too much hair can only make your brows look out of place. Better yet, go to a professional who can thread your eyebrows according to your face shape.

Eyebrow Colour

Of course, you should also choose an appropriate eyebrow colour for your skin tone. When going to an eyebrow microblading in Singapore, ask the professional to pick the colour complementary to your skin. The trick is to stay two shades within your hair colour.

Look for a Professional Service

If you’re unsure how to define your overall features, it’s better to look for a professional eyebrow or lips embroidery in Singapore to improve your appearance. You can trust their expertise and see how it can transform you for the better.

Learn the Maintenance Routine

To get the best results from your eyebrow embroidery, learn how to maintain healthy-looking brows in the long run. For instance, learn how to be more hygienic by using your beauty products that may contact your eyebrows.

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